Friday, November 5, 2010

60 Day Journaling Challenge Day 5

List one thing you'd like to accomplish in 2011, and then list 10 things you will need to do to accomplish it ( think small; make a phone call, look up a phone number or web site, anything like these to accomplish it, etc)

I would LOVE to get my online shop set up. REALLY set up, and making some money.

1 Buy Supplies needed for Jewelry Making

2 Buy Packaging Supplies

3  Find Out What People want

4 Make Jewelry

5 Take Great Photos Of Jewelry

6 Write interesting Descriptions

7 LIST items in my shop

8 Promote My Shop

9 Sell Items

10 Ship Items, and make customers happy!


Vicki said...

Works for me Kiddo and sounds like a great plan..Now that you have it all laid out..GET BUSY!! LOL