Monday, March 30, 2009

Some More Cards

I found a tutorial online, to make these Awesome folded cards.... When I locate the tutorial again I will add it to this post.... It was a great video and SOO helpfull! I went a lil crazy and made a bunch of these.... They are for sale in my paper shop, PAPERCUTZ !! Here is a sneak preview, not all have been listed yet, but i am getting there!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well I started Making Cards.... I think I am loving it... here are the first 2 I ever made.... they were made a few weeks ago, when all i had to use was My CRICUT, and paper, no extras, no embelishments, Nothing fun!!

These 2 pictures are the same card, I added some goodies to the inside, so that even though it's a blank card, it's still pretty!

Here is another card I made, I had fun paper piecing the flowers..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fine Arts Night

Fine Arts Night @KUSER school.....the 100th year Celebration!! Well, once again My son got a part in the Fine Arts Night(talent show) at his school! This year he was an Emcee... so funny since he has speech issues, but he was hilarious, and did a great job! All the kids did great... Lt's see Picture #1 Jr, Joey, Christian, & CJ... #2 The Entire THIRD grade class. #3 Jr introducing an act, #4 is all 3 Emcees, Mr kesting (principal) & Ms. O (Music Teacher) It was a wonderful show, so many talented children, comedians, singers, dancers, musicians, Ms O really does an Excellent job putting this show together every year!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun At the Crop!!

Well, Thank You Esther for a great time at my first Crop!!

Here are the 2 Layouts I did, following a sketch... never did that before!

This first page is froma day spent on My Father's Boat. The boat's name was Highlander!

This was a fun day spent playing in the leaves at my parent's house... Uncle B even came out to join the fun!
I really enjoyed the crop, and even learned a few things from the other ladies in there!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

First "REAL" Scrap Pages

This is my FIRST Scrap Booking Page!!! My husband and I went to meet & Greet his favorite NASCAR driver, Kevin Harvick....

This is form My toungest kid's Kindergarten Registration.... i need to add journaling, to the bottom on both sides....
I could usesoem feedback! I'm still not sure what I am doing!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lookie What I Got!!

YUP..... My Cricut!!! Wooo Hooo!!


So I unpacked it.... Look at all those goodies!

Colored Ink, Black Ink, Spatula, Cutting Matt, scrapper, and FOUR cartridges!! So I started cutting right away!! Look at this stuff..... SO FUN!!

Look at it GO!!

Makin Goodies!!

I even made my first Mini Card

Isn't this skull adorable.....

And I LOVE Turtles... so I couldn't resist this!!!!

I can't wait to get myself some better cardstock, I soooo can NOT wait to make some Awesome cards, gift tags, and Thank You notes!!

So coming soon

Paper goodies @
and as always, jewelry @

SOO Stinkin Excited....

OMG< you want to talk excitement.... well, my girl Crystal helped me purchase a Cricut.... And right now it is on my UPS driver's truck, patiently waiting to come to my warm happy scrappy home! I am so excited.... pulled out my glue, glue dots, stamps, ink pads..... stickers... I am ready to get CUTTING!! I will post some pictures and another Blag about this later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Munchkins!!

well My babies turned 5 On March 3, 2009.... we had their Birthday party this past Sunday.... Pirates & princesses!! It was fun, we had lots of food and Family!