Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adventure Aquarium

Well, yesterday we got an early start. Up, dressed, and out the door. Our first stop, Dunkin Donuts, cuz Momma aint happy without her coffee...Coffee for me and Norm, OJ for the kids....and Donuts all around! That was a nice treat. Then we all pile back into the car and drive off on our adventure. Into Bordentown City to catch the River Line train to Camden. Not bad, $2.70 and we are off.... kids ride free on the weekends with a paying adult!!

So the ride up, the train was pretty empty, people get on, people get off. A girl is singing along to a song that no one else can hear, since she is listening to an Ipod.... My son Matty thinks this is strange, stranger still is when a lil man starts rambling on in Very Fast Spanish, and my son is looking around all bewildered! Ahh we arrive at the Aquarium. Luckily we bought our Membership on line, so we only had to go to the Will Call window and pick it up. It saved us from what we later found out was a 30 minute wait in line, dealing with some cold wind!

First we are off to see the Hippos...... Ahh my butt doesn't feel so large today! Finally we see them OUT OF the water! That was nice.... they have built a new look out area, so we could see them better! We even got to watch 2 birds build a nest! Off to see the sharks! I swear my husband could stand in the Shark Tube for hours just watching them swim overhead! Gift shop, Pirate hat for my lil Pirate, CHECK.....Necklace for our lil Diva, CHECK..... Fossil digging kit for my future scientist, CHECK! And we are off.... Jellyfish, Starfish, Sting Rays, Eel, Sharks, Ducks, Turtles,........OH MY! AND.... even a 4D Sponge bob show! WOW what a day! NOW it's lunch time..... oh man to find a seat in the cafeteria....but we did YAYY, everyone ate, as we are finishing up we find a mom with a stroller aimlessly wondering around for a table...Norm gets up to go get her and tell her to take ours! Yayyy a good deed for the Day. Back off to see Hippos(again) Sharks (again) quick run through the gift shop..... go dig our coats out of the rented Locker.... ousted PENGUINS & Seals! What a day! Then we took a nice lil walk along the River.... across the river we could see what looked like an Old Pirate ship with no sales, Matty thought that was AWESOME! around the building to see a Battleship in the water, and to the arena parking lot to get on the train! Ahhhh on our way home.... the end to a great day out!!