Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free BIC Pen on FaceBook

This goes from today till August 30.

BIC is giving away 130 Pens on the hour every hour from 10am & 8pm EST from now till August 30.  That equals about 93,600 pens total so you should have a good chance to win.  Just keep trying.  You can win only 1 time.

***Click on the “The  giveaway information tab” and enter in your information.  Go “LIKE” them now so you will be ready.

***Even if you don’t get there in time to  get  a   free pen, you still get a printable coupon!


Click here

BOGO 20 oz Sun Drop


Don’t see soda coupons in my area much…
Just printed mine.  Remember you can print twice 

There is a new Sun Drop Soda Coupon.  The coupon is

for Buy One Get One Free Sun Drop Soda 20 oz,

Regular or Diet.  (I’v only seen the 20 oz size @ Quick Check)

Sun Drop Soda Coupon


Free OREO Brownie @ Quick Check

Offer expires 8/8/11.

PRINT coupon