Thursday, December 16, 2010

60-Day Journaling Challenge Days 37 & 38


Day 37:  Are you ready for Christmas yet?  Are the gifts all bought?  Are they wrapped?  Are your cards addressed and ready to mail?  are they already mailed?  What do you have left to do? 

Gifts are all bought, Not yet wrapped! Cards are addressed and mailed off. I still have to finish decorating, wrap gifts, and make a few that are hand made! Other than that we are good to go!

Day 38:How do you know when you can trust someone?I always give someone the benefit of the doubt, and sometimes even 2nd & 3rd chances… I always think people can change, adn unfortunately NOT EVERYONE can! So I only know from experience… and i am sometimes too trusting!

60-Day Journaling Challenge Day 35 & 36

Day 35: What is your ideally peaceful place?  and why?  I LOVE the beach… I can sit and watch the ocean for hours… I love watching my kids enjoy the sand and surf! I can Play with the kids, swim in the ocean, relax and read a book! That’s my kind of Peaceful!

Day 36: Could you live without that one special person in your life?  Absolutely NOT!  I’ve often wondered if I could go on if he were gone, and always thought NO, but I have watched a friend deal with the passing of her husband, and I HOPE that i could deal with it half as gracefully as she does!  She is a SUPER MOM, and Wonderful Woman! I hope she knows I look up to her, she’s like my hero!

Monday, December 6, 2010

60-Day Journaling Challenge Days 32, 33, &34

Dec 31:  Describe the first time you remember saying I love you to someone outside your family.

How Horrible… I have NO CLUE… I know it was probably some boy… but for the life of me can NOT remember… as I sit here and think, I know i said it to a few boyfriends before my husband (cuz I was an idiot) but can NOT for the life of me think of who… can’t picture that i actually thought i was in “LOVE” before… I mean I am sure i said it to a guy that i lived with for 2 years, but can NOT remember a single incident… 

Dec 32: Someone can tell your joking around when you......

When I laugh, I CAN NOT keep a straight fcae most of the time.

Dec 22 : Who do you miss the most from your past? 

My Grandmother Bognanno. She was an amazing woman, sooo many great memories of her!

And also my friend Niki.  She had her flaws, but I love her and miss her dearly!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Robert’s Crafts Give Away!


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Christmas Ornaments

OK, so I have been flashing my goodies on Facebook, and everyone has been asking how I made them.  And I have been promising to blog about it…. so here I sit, notebook at my side with hastily scribbled notes and measurements, lists of supplies, and some pictures to use…

Supplies: Assorted papers, scissors, paper cutter, acrylic paints, foam brush, Buffalo Snow flakes, assorted ribbons & fibers, glitter, lighter, funnel, crop-a-dile(or heavy duty hole punch), Pointy  tool or tweezers(i used a bead reamer), and a hot glue gun.

IMG_2126 IMG_2128

This ball was quick and easy to make. This is where the paper and ribbon comes in.  you need 12 strips of paper that measures 6X1 inches. I used 3 papers per ball, and layered them alternating the papers. You need 22 inches of ribbon, folded in half, and the 2 ends knotted together. Stack your papers, and punch a hole through the stack at one end.  now you need to feed the ribbon through starting on the printed side of the paper, this is where a pointy tool or tweezers comes in handy. Now tie a knot in the ribbon right up against the paper. About an inch above that tie another knot.  Punch a hole in the other end of your paper strips.  Feed ribbon through,  and tie another knot right up against the paper, and then spread the strips.  I then made a bow with the same ribbon I used, adn hot glued it to the top to finish it off. In all fairness, I found several tutorials for this ornament, and here is a link to the video that made it all simpler.  StampWithGwen .

IMG_2127OK, this one was SIMPLE, and jsut came from me playing around.  I painted the bottom with white acrylic paint, adn then sprinkles it with superfine white glitter with a dash of blue ultrafine glitter.  I then used the funnel to fill the ball just under half way with buffalo snow flakes and a bit more of the ultrafine blue glitter.  I used a white snowy fiber to hang it with, and a lovely red ribbon to make the bow, again the hot glue gun to attach it!!

IMG_2134 IMG_2135These are my FAVORITE ones to make… and super simple.  I use 2-3  colors of acrylic paint. I jsut give a squirt of the colors inside the ball, then place my finger over the hole, and shake, tap and swirl the ball.  Now you are going to have to drain the excess paint… I do this by placing it opening side down in the top of a water bottle.  I will then turn the ball on the bottle top, as the paiint is drying, to help with the swirling of the paint.  I am working on more of these, that are personalized.  I will share those when they are finished.

60-Day Journaling Challenge Days 30 & 31

Day 30: What is your idea of a perfect day?

My perfect day, is one where we are all happy, healthy, & WELL behaved!  But this time of year the perfect day it’s snowing, and we are all inside warm adn cozy, movies going, and me playing with all my crafty goodness~


Day 31:Write a letter to yourself as a child....

Day 31 is being done privately off my blog.  It was just way to personal, and emotional.