Thursday, December 16, 2010

60-Day Journaling Challenge Day 35 & 36

Day 35: What is your ideally peaceful place?  and why?  I LOVE the beach… I can sit and watch the ocean for hours… I love watching my kids enjoy the sand and surf! I can Play with the kids, swim in the ocean, relax and read a book! That’s my kind of Peaceful!

Day 36: Could you live without that one special person in your life?  Absolutely NOT!  I’ve often wondered if I could go on if he were gone, and always thought NO, but I have watched a friend deal with the passing of her husband, and I HOPE that i could deal with it half as gracefully as she does!  She is a SUPER MOM, and Wonderful Woman! I hope she knows I look up to her, she’s like my hero!