Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Journaling Prompts Day 9-12

Day 9: If  I had the courage to speak my mind, I would say this:    In most cases, I am not afraid to speak my mind.  So I don’t know what to say to this one.

Day 10:  If you were to disappear today, who would be affected by this?   My parents, Husband, kids, grandmother…. as well as some more family & friends!

Day 11:  List 10 of your absolute worst pet peeves.   People who don't use their blinkers,  People  hwo let their children run like fools in the  stores, or other people’s homes….

Day 12:   List all your vacations, the year and with whom you went. OK, this is impossible! so i am giving a list of where,  Florida 3 times (twice as a kid once as a mother) Virginia Beach twice (once as a kid once in 1999, I was pregnant with my oldest)  LOTS of trips to the Poconos ( usually twice a year) Myrtle beach, A 9 day cruise with my husband in 2009!

Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Journaling Prompts

DAY 1: Describe a dream that you had recently. Provide as many details as possible.
I dreamt that i was killed in a car crash, and my husband married his ex, and let her raise MY kids! NOT A HAPPY MOMMA!

DAY 2: Do you like taking naps? and why or why not?
Sometimes I do… Especially when I am sick. Other than that, not a big fan of naps, a lot of times i wake up feeling crappier than when I fell asleep.

Day 3: How would you describe your self-worth?
????? NO CLUE! I’ve never thought about it before, and now I am coming up blank.

Day 4: What color is your birthstone? Also, what is the meaning of your birthstone? You might have to research that one..:)
RED, Ruby Red!

Red is the color of health, strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage and protection. It is associated with blood, birth, death and intense emotions.

Red symbolizes energy, excitement, strength, power, war and violence, and aggression. It is the color of love as seen in the red Valentine's Day heart and is also associated with anger as in "he's so mad, he saw red". When good fortune arrives it is called a "red-letter day".

and here is a chart of different nationalities and such that use Rubies for different months, or signs… 

Modern - July

Traditional - July

Mystical - July

Ayurvedic - July

Ayurvedic - December

Zodiac - Capricorn

Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Cancer

Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Capricorn

Planetary - Scorpio

Talismanic - Pisces

Hindu - January

Polish - July

Russian - July

Hindu - August

Arabic - December

Hebrew - December

Italian - December

Roman - December

Day 5: What are the types of projects you procrastinate about?
Household chores! Scrubbing floors and ccabinets, moving the furniture to clean under and behind it.

Day 6: What are you most thankful for in 2011 so far?
My families Health~

Day 7: What is one thing you're facing now that you think you might not be able to do?

Day 8: Under what conditions would you stay in a marriage if you weren't happy? NONE! it’s not healthy for anyone involved!~

60-day Journaling Challenge days 45, 46, & 47

OK so i lost the promts for days 43 & 44… so here are teh following 3… and then I will start fresh with the 2011 Journaling prompts provided through a scrapping group.


Day 45:You are going to make tomorrow different by................(fill in the answer) trying to be a more caring person. 

Day 46:The people or person you most admire...tell reasons why...  My father!  He has ALWAYS been by my side.  No matter what I could always count on my dad.

Day 47: Do you have special neighbors that do special things for you out of the blue?  journal about them today... No, but we have a special neighbor that we do things for.  He is really the only neighbor we ever even talk to. He is handicapped, so we like to do things for him. Shovel snow, rake leaves, mow the law, even help bring in groceries.  My kids even enjoy helping do things for him.

60-day Journaling Challenge Days 41 &42

Day 41:

What rules have you ever broken?  Were you ever reprimanded for breaking the rules?  and if so, how?

Oh boy, this is a loaded question. I will settle with YES I have broken rules, and YES I was reprimanded for breaking the rules.  My parents were not ones to let things slide. 

Day 42:Are you the type that "collects" things or do you live sparsely?

I am a collector, scrapbooking stuff, baking things, turtles…. Pictures, Borderline Hoarder I think sometimes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

60-Day journaling Challenge Days 39 & 40

Day 39:Tell about your own Family christmas Tradition, from when you were a child and todays.

As a kid I remembre My brother and I were allowed to open our stocking gifts before we woke mom & dad, they were just trying to get a few extra minutes of sleep! My Grandmom B had those awesome body sized stockings, and she FILLED em! And every year as long as I fit, I would climb in and see how much i’d grown….


Today we still go to my Grandmom L’s house to eat adn exchange gifts. I just don’t think it would be the same fi we didn’t.


Day 40:What was your favorite grade in school and why?

Probably 3rd grade.  We had just moved to a new house, and I started a new school. I met my first “best friend”.  His name was JP.  we played together constantly. 

An Amazing Birthday Wish



Hello everyone!  I am hoping to reach many of you on this special post...

My daughter Rio is turning 13!  OMG another teen in the house!  Two teens+one toddler= disasterous fun... on most days!  LOL

Okay okay, so let me tell you about the Special Image for my Special girl Rio with a Special Birthday request we got from her this year...

Every year I ask the kids what they want for their birthday.  Money, a trip, a party, or an overnight stay at Disneyland.... Rio came to me and said, "Mom, is it really really my choice what I get for my birthday?"  I told her of course!  So she says, "Ok, this year mom, I want money, but can I do anything at all with it? I mean anything I want mom?"  Again, I said of course.  "Okay, I want my birthday money to be donated to the children of St. Jude's hospital so they can have a special day, or whatever the money is needed for. I don't want to have money to just blow when I can help other kids that can't get out of bed, or go outside.  That's what I want for my birthday!"

Of course I was already choking on my tears before she finished her sentence!  What a marvelous request, selfless and special!  I had a special image made for her 13th birthday, and I have not told her about it, or shown it to her.  I am asking for a very special request myself in honor of my daughter's selflessness. 

The image is now available for $3.00, I am asking you all to purchase this special stamp and help me bring my daughter special birthday wishes by mailing off a card you make with the image to her... but wait that's not all... all I ask is for the special card to be mailed because the $3.00 made from every purchase will be donated to St. Jude's again in Rio's honor.  I am planning on taking her after her birthday to the hospital with the money we raise from this image and her birthday money as requested and giving it all to the hospital!

Her birthday is Feb. 8th, if you all could find it in your hearts to give my little girl that special card my mailing it to her I know it would make her day so special... she is always so grateful of the little things and my hope is to fill that mailbox of ours to the brim with Birthday cards!  I plan to gather all cards mailed to her from now until the 8th, and secretly putting them all in the mailbox along with her very favorite chocolates: York Peppermint Patties and Peanut Butter cups!   That evening after her birthday dinner I am going to ask her to walk down the street with me to the cluster boxes and have her open the mailbox (I am going to pretend I have not checked the mail all day of course) then BAM! they all pop out at her!  Whoohooo!  She will be thrilled once she realizes what exactly all those letters are.

So, would you all be willing to help Rio raise a little money for the kids and send off a card?  If so here is our mailing address and you can purchase the image at under Rio the Birthday Girl digi!  She is the first (but limited edition) of six new Emos to come in the future!

Here is the image:  what do you think of it?  Pretty cute huh?  She's the special birthday diva turing 13!!  I will run this image for $3.00 until the 8th of Feb.  after that she will be gone for good.  So please be aware that she will be a very limited edition digi!  She may later make a debut in rubber but I am not making any promises, I will try my best if there is enough interest in her to be made into Rubber.  Thank you all for your support!  And please please please spread the word about this special fund raiser.  Thank you all again!

The Scrap Happy WItch: A Special Image for a Special Girl with a Special request...

Friday, January 7, 2011


So, I stopped half way through the 60-Journaling Challenge... but I will be picking it back up! My lap top died! It is back at Toshiba, luckily my husband gets me the LONGER warranty! But I have my Blog program on there, and really don't want to put it on the hubby's lap top, so those will have to wait. Also with the holidays I was pressed for time to craft......but that is all over now! I am back to my paper crafting, as well as my beading. Can't wait to share some Crafty Awesomeness with you all! Thanks to all my friends & followers! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & a Great new year!