Monday, January 24, 2011

60-day Journaling Challenge days 45, 46, & 47

OK so i lost the promts for days 43 & 44… so here are teh following 3… and then I will start fresh with the 2011 Journaling prompts provided through a scrapping group.


Day 45:You are going to make tomorrow different by................(fill in the answer) trying to be a more caring person. 

Day 46:The people or person you most admire...tell reasons why...  My father!  He has ALWAYS been by my side.  No matter what I could always count on my dad.

Day 47: Do you have special neighbors that do special things for you out of the blue?  journal about them today... No, but we have a special neighbor that we do things for.  He is really the only neighbor we ever even talk to. He is handicapped, so we like to do things for him. Shovel snow, rake leaves, mow the law, even help bring in groceries.  My kids even enjoy helping do things for him.