Friday, May 22, 2009

A few pieces of Jewelry

Yayy, I finally got around to making some jewelry.... I didn't realize how much I missed making it!

This one Is a piece I made for me. An Anklet to wear on the Cruise!

This is one I am going to sell

Selling this one too, I love the long tube beads, I have to go buy some.... guess I'll hit Norm up for some money.

More of the long tube beads..... I really love them. I jsut added a lil Princess charm..

This is another Anklet I made for myself to wear on the cruise.

I think this afternoon after soem scrapbooking, I will make some more jewelry....Gotta lug out all those supplies.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Hubby & Power Tools

Well, my wonderful husband has stuck to his word, and is making me a door to the back room in the basement... Now granted it's a ghetto build job.. But hey it keeps my room Cat free, thus making it an ideal craft room...... I am going to be painting the work bench down there...but now i gotta go buy my paint.... Bright Lime Green!!

Norm even had a cute little Blonde haired helper!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny Video!!

OK, my friend Dani shared this video with me,.... I thought it was hilarious. And like she said how'd he move in that big bulky outfit??

Monday, May 4, 2009

Challenge #8 for Robyn

OK, Challenge #8 was a card sketch..... i actually follwed it pretty weel... I did leave off some scalloped edge, and i added an extra embelishment! But I really like it... it was a simple sketch to follow, and i LOVE the card i made.....

Challenge #7 for Robyn

Challenge #7 was FAUX Chipboard.... so simple, and such a neat idea..... makes your images POP!! this challenge and video can be found on Robyn's blog ThePinkStamper

Challenge #6 for Robyn

Challenge #6 is a patterned paper challenge. Either do a layout or make a card with patterened paper! this is easy for me, since i LOVE patterned papers!

Again I scrapped my kids... this is my 2 youngest, matthew & Carlie, dressed as Peter Pan & Tinkerbell for halloween a couple years ago.

Challenge #5 for Robyn

Thanks to Robyn's friend Christina for the layout challenge on I never though to stamp up the whole edge of a page jsut to make it pop a bit.... this was a fun layout to do.... it's the whole family at Hurrican Harbor water park!

Challenge #4 for Robyn

Ok Challenge #4 was to make a mother's day layout or card... well i needed 5 for my own family. So here are the 5 mother's day cards i made.... each will get hand written sentiments for each individual person they are for.

Challenge #3 for Robyn

O, challenge #3 was a layout or card about your kid(s) I did a layout of my oldest son ..... I love an excuse to scrap my kids, they are my Biggest inspiration in everything i do in my life! Thanks again to Robyn (ThePinkStamper) for some more inspiration.... yes if you noticed, i did skip challenge #2, it was to try something new.... i havben't figured anything out... but i might try it after i finish all this blogging!!

NSD Challenge #1 for Robyn

OK, challenge #1 was Brown & Pastel colors together... I chose a Pastel Blue, and made a simple Baby card, wich may come in handy... I have a friend pregnant with a little Boy! Robyn's challenges were SUCH an inspiration... check out her blog