Friday, May 22, 2009

A few pieces of Jewelry

Yayy, I finally got around to making some jewelry.... I didn't realize how much I missed making it!

This one Is a piece I made for me. An Anklet to wear on the Cruise!

This is one I am going to sell

Selling this one too, I love the long tube beads, I have to go buy some.... guess I'll hit Norm up for some money.

More of the long tube beads..... I really love them. I jsut added a lil Princess charm..

This is another Anklet I made for myself to wear on the cruise.

I think this afternoon after soem scrapbooking, I will make some more jewelry....Gotta lug out all those supplies.


momof3cuteez said...

greaty Job! i love the tube beads also.. think ill hit pete up for some more money for some also! also love colors on your blog :-P

Rachel said...

Wow awesome they look great!!!

I changed the name of my blog and accidently deleted my followers grrr! Can you come back over and follow me again? Thanks darlin!!

Jenn said...

Hey Melia- how much do you sell the anklets for?