Monday, February 14, 2011

Journaling Prompt Days 23-28

Day 23: What do you do in your spare time?  Beading, baking, scrapbooking!  Watch movies!

Day 24:  What are your favorite topics to scrap? My kids!  They are such hams for the camera, so I take TONS of pictures of them, so I have plenty to scrap with!

Day 25:  If you saw someone commit a crime, what would you do?  Call the police…. most likely anonymously, but I’d call!

Day 26:  What is the most important lesson, message, or advise that you have learned?   Life isn’t fair, but you need to make the best of every situation…. and no matter how bad things seem, it could be worse, and there is always someone worse off than yourself!

Day 27:  What books or movies have changed your life, if at all?  

Day 28:  What color do you think compliments you?  and why?  Black…. it’s slimming, enough said!

Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Journaling Prompts Days 17-22

Day 17:  What has been the most touching image you've seen recently?     Friday on The View! The little boy that was bullied to the point of being videotaped, and stuffed in a tree, hung from a metal fence… They interviewed him on The View, and to top it off, 3 players from his favorite NFL Team (Eagles   YUCK) showed up to help cheer him up.  They brought gifts and the promise of any game he wants to go to next season.  They were just so nice to this young man, and i was in tears!  I hate the Eagles, but this brought to light the fact that there are a few good men on the team!!

Day 18:  (finish the statement)  When you're on top of the world....     It’s a LONG fall down!

Day 19:   What do you do instead of the project you're avoiding?    Play those damn addicting FB games!

Day 20: (finish the statement)  People are surprised to learn that you....    Met, fell in love with and Married my husband in the span of 7 months!  We met in January of 1999, started dating in June of 1999, and we were Married July 7, 1999!!

Day 21: How did you choose you pet or pet's name?          Lots of my pets are named for characters on Favorite TV shows… My Dog is Grissom (CSI) My Gecko is named ED… (the little gecko on Geico commercials sounds like the English guy on Extreme Makeover: Home, and his name is ED) The cats Gizmo (Gremlins) Sookie (TRUEBLOOD) Rowdy ( well he was named for my favorite NASCAR Drive Kyle “ROWDY” Busch… then there are my Dwarf Hamsters Both are named after Charecters from Sons of Anarchy (Jackson otherwise known as Jax & Prospect(as my husband calls him Half-sack…that was the guys nickname on the show)

Day 22:  Name everything you've done that you're proud of (things you've been able to attain that bring you happiness).....    this is something I have to come back to.   But my Top 3 accomplishments are MY KIDS!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 journaling Prompts Days 13- 16

Day 13:  If you could change your name, what would you change it to?  I wouldn’t want to change my name.  My name is unique, Not a whole lot of Melias in the world, and those there are don’t normally spell it the same way.

Day 14:  What bugs you?  LOTS of things… people who don’t know how to drive, or just choose to ignore the rules.  “Adult” who are ignorant to kids, ie: cutting in front of them in line at a store, not saying thank you when a child holds the door for them, generally just treating kids like they don’t deserve respect or courtesy because they are young.  People who talk loudly on cell phones in public.  People at concerts who feel the need to STAND through the entire thing… Not everyone want to stand up , but if the schmuck in front of me i, I have to if I want to be able to see anything…. People in line that feel the need to stand SOOOO close to you!

Day 15:  How would you cope if you lost everything you own?    As long as I still have my husband and kids, the material things can be replaced over time.  But I am sure i’d be a wreck about it!

Day 16:  In what small way have you been loving today?      hugs & kisses to my little ones of course… but also a Hand made gift for my Best Friend’s Birthday.