Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 journaling Prompts Days 13- 16

Day 13:  If you could change your name, what would you change it to?  I wouldn’t want to change my name.  My name is unique, Not a whole lot of Melias in the world, and those there are don’t normally spell it the same way.

Day 14:  What bugs you?  LOTS of things… people who don’t know how to drive, or just choose to ignore the rules.  “Adult” who are ignorant to kids, ie: cutting in front of them in line at a store, not saying thank you when a child holds the door for them, generally just treating kids like they don’t deserve respect or courtesy because they are young.  People who talk loudly on cell phones in public.  People at concerts who feel the need to STAND through the entire thing… Not everyone want to stand up , but if the schmuck in front of me i, I have to if I want to be able to see anything…. People in line that feel the need to stand SOOOO close to you!

Day 15:  How would you cope if you lost everything you own?    As long as I still have my husband and kids, the material things can be replaced over time.  But I am sure i’d be a wreck about it!

Day 16:  In what small way have you been loving today?      hugs & kisses to my little ones of course… but also a Hand made gift for my Best Friend’s Birthday.