Monday, December 6, 2010

60-Day Journaling Challenge Days 32, 33, &34

Dec 31:  Describe the first time you remember saying I love you to someone outside your family.

How Horrible… I have NO CLUE… I know it was probably some boy… but for the life of me can NOT remember… as I sit here and think, I know i said it to a few boyfriends before my husband (cuz I was an idiot) but can NOT for the life of me think of who… can’t picture that i actually thought i was in “LOVE” before… I mean I am sure i said it to a guy that i lived with for 2 years, but can NOT remember a single incident… 

Dec 32: Someone can tell your joking around when you......

When I laugh, I CAN NOT keep a straight fcae most of the time.

Dec 22 : Who do you miss the most from your past? 

My Grandmother Bognanno. She was an amazing woman, sooo many great memories of her!

And also my friend Niki.  She had her flaws, but I love her and miss her dearly!