Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lookie What I Got!!

YUP..... My Cricut!!! Wooo Hooo!!


So I unpacked it.... Look at all those goodies!

Colored Ink, Black Ink, Spatula, Cutting Matt, scrapper, and FOUR cartridges!! So I started cutting right away!! Look at this stuff..... SO FUN!!

Look at it GO!!

Makin Goodies!!

I even made my first Mini Card

Isn't this skull adorable.....

And I LOVE Turtles... so I couldn't resist this!!!!

I can't wait to get myself some better cardstock, I soooo can NOT wait to make some Awesome cards, gift tags, and Thank You notes!!

So coming soon

Paper goodies @
and as always, jewelry @


Anonymous said...

SOO COOL!! YAY how exciting! what Carts did you get? I cant figure out how to layer mine yet lol

The Creative Mind of Melia said...

it came with Indie Art, Walk In My garden, Plantin School House, & Home Accents....... I am watching on Ebay for Tags Bags Boxes & More....