Monday, November 29, 2010

60-Day Journaling Challenge Day 25

Thanksgiving weekend...
How was your Thanksgiving Day?  Who was there celebrating with you?  Where did you go?
Did you go out for Black Friday sales or did you shop online?  Did you put your tree and decorations up?

Thanksgiving we celebrated at my grandmother’s house, as we always do. Me, Norm, and the kids, along with my parents, brother, grandmother, & my Uncle Steve. My cousin stacy and her boyfriend stopped by for a little visit.  We ate, the kids played games, watched football, and looked through the Toys R Us big book of toys. 

NO Black Friday shopping for us! We spent Saturday cleaning and organizing, and then got our tree. Sunday we had 2 Birthday parties to go to. So here i sit Monday night, waiting for my husband to put the lights on the tree.