Monday, November 29, 2010

60 Day journaling Challenge-Day 20 & 21

Day 20:What's your favorite smell?  What do you associate with your favorite smell?

I love the smell of anything baking… and the smell of my dryer running.. what is better than fresh baked goodies, and freshly washed clothes and sheet?!

Day 21:Use 5 adjectives to describe yourself, explain each one....

1. Loving…. well obviously i love my husband, kids, extended family and friends,.

2. caring…. I also care about them all. I never want to hear that any of them are hurting.

3. Helpful…. If I can physically help someone, I will.  I even put myself out at times, to try and come through for others. I hate when I can’t be there for the people in my life.

4. Clumsy… i trip over my own 2 feet… or even just air.  If it can be dropped, I will.  If it can be knocked over, I will. If you can fall off it, I will.

5.LOUD!! Does this REALLY need any explanation? I always have been, and I assume always will be.