Thursday, November 4, 2010

60-Day Journaling Challenge Day 2 & 3


Day 2

Are you trustworthy? and if so, why do you think you are?

Yes, I believe I am trustworthy… I  really have no explanation for why I think I am! 

Day 3

What little things have happened to you lately that have really touched you or made a huge difference in your day?

In the last year, I have made a WONDERFUL new friend…and she is a DOER! She does for everyone, often getting herself screwed over in the process.  She is constantly doing things that make a HUGE difference in my day!  I was quite sick, and she took my kids back and forth to school for 2 days, and I got to SLEEP, i truly believe those 2 days, helped me heal and feel better MUCH faster than I would have, had she not been an AWESOME friend!  Money is quite tight right now, and she steeped up and let us borrow Halloween costumes for all 3 kids, this made a HUGE difference in their day, and MINE! I just hope that in return I am as good a friend to her, as she is to me and my family!