Friday, July 23, 2010

Wild card Cartridge...

My birthday passed a week ago, and I was given Money..

Seems no one knows me well enough to know what to get me.

That or they just know me well enough to know I LOVE TO

SHOP for crafty goods..... hmmmm?

Well, the Hubby took me to Wal Mart to check out the new

Cricut Lite Carts.... I thought they were supposed to be like 30 bucks...

I got there and they were $40. But there was a whole mess of cartridges in the

Clarence section. I sorted and searched... mostly fonts.... i have SCAL and DS,

No real need for font carts. But in the bottom of the stack, I found Wild Card.

This has been at the top of my wish list for a LONG time. Of course it had NO PRICE
marked on it. I took it to the register, it was $23. HALF the price of the Lite


I Love the argyle card... but when i cut the pieces (5inches)

There was one piece I had NO CLUE where it went, so i used it to accent

the envelope. Not sure where it was supposed to go, but I like it... So many ideas...

And another.... I just ADORE Halloween! So of course I had to play with this card.

I believe this was cut at 4.5 inches... could have gone bigger if i had 12X12 black paper to
cut a larger envelope. Just remember with Wild Card, to ALWAYS cut the envelope first,

use the fit to page button, and be sure to pay attention to the size it tells you it is.

Then cut the card and it's pieces in the right size.