Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Son, I am SOOO Proud!`


My son normally sports a buzz cut.  Well for some reason he decided he didn’t want that anymore, and his MeMom took him for a hair cut and he kept it a little longer on top for a while. Then he decided to let it all just grow out!! FINALLY a couple days ago he made a deal wiht his Momma(me) if I can have ice cream for a bed time snack, you can SHAVE my hair.  DEAL!! Well then I remembered an online friend Amber…. she shaved her hair for St Baldricks… they bring awareness to childhood cancer, adn help raise money for cancer research…. I told my son, He was so Impressed by a woman being brave enough to shave his head, that we decided to let his hair grown another month, and then He will shave his head at a St Baldricks event! So if anyone could share his link, or donate a Dollar, not only would you help sick kids, but you would help my son realize there are still good people in this world!!

This is my Norman with hair…. that second one was taken on Crazy Hair day at school!

IMG00401-20110316-1814 IMG00352-20110304-0738


Here is the link to his Participation page on St Baldrick’s website!