Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Friend's Twilight Bllog Giveaway!!

OK, well my friend Olenka is doing a great giveaway on her blog..... Twilight books! How great is that?? all you gotta do is go check out her blog... and here are a few of her details.

I have a NEW Twilight book in paper back and a NEW New Moon book in paper back as well. On May 8th I will announce the winner.

You only have to do a couple of things...

Either comment here... or send an email to

Tell me what you like/love about Twilight.

Leave a way for me to contact you back.

And spread the word about the Giveaway.

That is it! And on May 8th I will put all names in a bowl and have Lauren pick the winner.

SO, go on over and visit her blog....


Anonymous said...

Thanks soo much Melia!! Put your name in the cup!