Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beer Battered Fish

OK, beer batter, may sound intimidating, but it's SIMPLE. 2 1/2 cups beer & 2 cups flour. Mix it, set it aside for a couple hours. I also added some seasoning to mine; salt, pepper, & cajun seasoning. I used Tilapia; took the fillets, cut them in half..... dipped em in the batter, then into the hot pot of oil..... It was Delisious.I also made home made fries... they were YUMMY! sliced up the potaotes using my Vidalia Slice Wizard... put them in a bowl sprinkled a little cornstarch, salt, pepper, & cajun sesoning. I let that sit for about 30 minutes. Then into a sperat pot of hot oil. OK, so not a figure friendly meal, but it was delicious, and HOME ya know exactly what's goin in there!